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What Do People Do on Presidents Day or Washingtons Birthday

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Presidents day is always comes on third Monday of Februay, and in 2016, its on 15 Feb. It is USA Federal holiday  So, actually what do people do on presidents day or washintons birthday ?

People do many interesting things on this day and its honor to president of usa. on this day many businesses are open and many are close. some shops are open and some are close. this day is very important for usa. it is celebrated officially in some states of united states of america.

On this day many sales discount are offered so people also takes advantage of cheap shopping ! many new deals are comes for this day. its really full of excitement day

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Some schools and organization gives holidays during this week.

Happy Presidents Day !!!
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[[ # Real History ] What is Presidentsday - Whasingtons birthday. Why we celebrates Presidentsday or Washingtons birthday

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What is presidents day and why we celebrates presidents day or whashingtons birthday ?

This is actually one historical story which is exactly expresses in this post, so here you go...

Presidents day is also known as Washingtons birthday. it is the federal holiday which is held on every third monday of february month.

This day honors president of United States of America (USA).

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Upcomming Presidents days dates.

2016  -  14 February 2016  -  Presidents day

2017  -  20 February 2017  -  Presidents day

2018  -  19 February 2018  -  Presidents day

2019  -  18 February 2019  -  Presidents day

2020  -  17 February 2020  -  Presidents day

Why we celebrates Presidents Day?

First president of United States of America was George Washington. he played vary crucial role in americal goverment. he was be president for two terms. one was 1989 to 1993 and second is 1993 to 1997. he dit very useful and remeberable thing during this period and gave grate gift to United States.

George washington name is used among this days. United States capital Wahington D.C also named by George Washingtons themself. so now you can get idea, how great was George washington.

Firstly washingtons birthday was celebrated in columbia during 1880. ( yes, before 135 Year :-) ) washingtons birthday was celebrated on 22th February but, in 1971 it is moved on third monday of February. This Presidents day or Washingtons birth day is federal holiday. during this day some bussines are open and some are close.

Abraham Lincoln was celebrates this day and todays president Barack Obama will also celebrate it in 2016.

So, Presidents day is celebrated in honor of George Washington who was the first President of United States of America (USA). It is also called washingtons birthday.

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